My Thoughts on Empowerment

I am empowered by one of the most important lessons ever: People want to see me do well; my happiness & positivity actually make others' lives better. 

It took me a while to internalize this. Sometimes, I tried to reason through things: We live in a world of interconnectedness, so others probably only want to see me do well mostly because it's beneficial for them in some ways in return. But, I was lucky enough to meet so many people who made me realize that it's not about the rational, objective benefits. It's the power of faith, the belief that we collectively thrive by helping each other. Even though as a math and neuroscience student, I am trained to be very rational and analytical. But oftentimes, it's more about the metaphorical human heart. 

Without faith from others, I wouldn't have achieved what I'm able to achieve today. I am forever grateful for those who empowered me in any form at any point in my life. Thus, I am dedicated to empowering others, as I, like so many others, believe that everyone is capable of achieving greatness. And, I will be always faithful and generous, just like how they are to me consistently.